What are common air brake problems?

What are common air brake problems?

In semi trucks, the air braking system uses compressed air to push the brake shoe lining on the brake drum. This creates the necessary friction for wheels to slow down to a stop. Because air braking systems are more complex than the standard hydraulic brakes in commuter vehicles, it's important that the repairs are done by a mechanic who specializes in this service. Here are five air brake issues that require semi truck brake repair.

Builds Pressure Too Slowly

In air braking systems, highly pressurized air generates the required force to bring the wheels to a stop. This means that the compressor needs to remain in excellent shape. If it isn't, there could be problems with properly building pressure. Such problems should be brought to a mechanic's attention as soon as possible.

Loses Pressure Rapidly

Rapid pressure loss is often due to issues with the valves that control airflow out of the reservoir. When the reservoir quickly loses pressure, it can put serious stress on the compressor.

Water/Oil in Air Reservoir

With air brakes, the air dryer removes oil and water from air before it enters the reservoir. To prevent corrosion, it's important that water is kept out of the air reservoir. If water is getting into the air reservoir, it could be time for air dryer cartridge replacement.

Stuck Brake Shoe

With a stuck brake shoe, you should still be able to bring your truck to a safe stop. But then when you hit the accelerator, you may not be able to gain speed like you typically would.

Misaligned Brake Shoes

Ideally, brake shoes will wear down evenly. When one becomes thinner, the difference can cause that shoe to wear down even more rapidly. Symptoms of this problem include squealing and scraping sounds.

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Posted: April 2, 2021

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