Winterizing Your Semi Truck With Our Greenbrier Shop

Winterizing Your Semi Truck With Our Greenbrier Shop

Winterizing Your Semi Truck With Our Greenbrier ShopWith winter just around the corner, your truck may encounter some snowy roads. Below are some tips on how to properly winterize your truck and prepare for the upcoming season. If you need expert semi truck and trailer repair while in Greenbrier, Arkansas, give Custom T Repair a call.

Check Your Battery

Changing temperatures can take a toll on your truck's battery. In cold weather, the battery's chemical reaction slows down, requiring the engine to use more power to start. Batteries of low quality might completely fail during a cold snap. If you want to avoid a dead battery disaster, inspect the entire battery. Check for signs of corrosion around the connectors. Have the battery tested and possibly replaced if it's more than two years old.

Make Sure Your Tires Are in Good Shape

One in eleven accidents is caused by tire issues, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Be sure to inspect your tires before every trip for proper tire pressure and signs of wear and tear to avoid becoming a statistic. Because of harsh weather, tire inspections are even more important in winter. Underinflated or damaged tires may have difficulty maintaining traction on slick and icy roads. Make sure you have the correct size chains if your route requires you to travel through passes or other areas where there is heavy snowfall.

Check the Cooling System

Even in cold weather, cooling systems still have to work hard. A problem with the cooling system will affect the entire engine. A professional mechanic should inspect the hoses and radiator for signs of damage. Hose clamps should be secured tightly.

Semi Truck Service in Greenbrier

When you need to prepare your truck for winter, bring it to Custom T Repair. To learn more about our semi truck maintenance and repair services, don't hesitate to contact us. Custom T Repair is proud to help local drivers keep their vehicles running strong. Give us a call at (501) 300-7442 to learn more, request an appointment, or receive an estimate for semi truck repair in Greenbrier, Springfield, and the neighboring towns.

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Posted: December 2021

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