Medium/Heavy Duty/Semi Truck Repair in Greenbrier, AR

Medium/Heavy Duty/Semi Truck Repair in Greenbrier, AR and Surrounding Communities

Gas & Diesel Engine Repair in Greenbrier, ARCustom T Repair offers full service diesel repair in Greenbrier for all medium duty trucks, heavy duty trucks and semi trucks. Each of our two big rig repair shops are staffed by talented truck mechanics who have access to the latest diagnostic and repair equipment. Our goal is to provide effective and efficient services at fair prices, to get you back on the road fast in a safe and reliable truck. To learn more about our extensive services or to schedule semi truck maintenance or semi truck repair in Greenbrier, please give our crew a call.

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Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel Engine RepairWith more than 40 years of hands on experience and access to modern diagnostic equipment, there is no diesel engine problem our team can't solve. Our diesel engine mechanics can perform any service necessary to ensure your truck continues to run strong. This includes everything from fixing hard starting issues, replacing faulty glow plugs, and installing new gaskets and seals to complete diesel engine rebuilding. If your truck suffers from power loss, increased exhaust smoke, no start or hard start issues, decreased fuel economy or other issues, don't hesitate to call us for diesel engine diagnostics. We'd be happy to provide a quote for the cost of semi truck engine repair in Greenbrier, AR.

Truck Transmission Repair

Truck Transmission Repair in Greenbrier, ARTruck transmission trouble can cause serious delays for any big rig or commercial truck driver. Our team is thoroughly equipped to fix hard shifting, delayed shifting, grinding while shifting or transmission fluid leaks to get you back on the road. We are capable of repairing all types of truck transmissions, including double clutch manual transmissions and state of the art automatic transmissions found in many medium duty and heavy duty trucks. Don't delay visiting us for truck transmission repair in Greenbrier if you suspect an issue, as the problem will only grow worse.

Truck Brake Repair

Truck Brake RepairA healthy set of brakes are critical to safe transport for any vehicle, but this is especially true for big rigs that weigh tens of thousands of pounds. Our team performs professional truck brake repair in Greenbrier for rigs of all sizes. Depending on your vehicle's set up, our team can repair air brakes, replace brake pads and shoes, install new brake rotors or drums, fix brake lines and perform other brake job services for big rigs and trailers.

Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance

Keeping up with scheduled semi truck maintenance is key to keeping your tractor trailer running great mile after mile. Our crew is equipped to perform any type of diesel truck maintenance for all makes and models of medium duty trucks, heavy duty trucks and big rigs. This includes belt and hose services, truck fluid flush services, cooling system service, diesel fuel injection cleaning, diesel fuel filter replacement, air filter replacement, glow plug replacement and other diesel engine maintenance services. Give us a call to request a quote for diesel maintenance in Greenbrier or the surrounding community.

Semi Truck Oil Change

Semi Truck Oil Change in Greenbrier, ARCustom T Repair offers a fast big rig oil change service for all makes and models of trucks. Most modern trucks can go as much as 25,000 miles between diesel oil change services, but it is critical not to put it off when the time comes. Our full service semi truck oil change includes the necessary oil, oil filter and a thorough truck inspection to identify any potential issues. Give us a call to learn more about our diesel truck oil change services or to let us know you'll be stopping by one of our diesel lube shops.

Custom T Repair is a full service medium duty, heavy duty and semi truck repair shop in Greenbrier. No matter what your diesel truck needs, from routine diesel maintenance to complex repairs, our nearby truck mechanics can get the job done right. Give us a call at (501) 300-7442 to learn more about our services or to request an estimate for the cost of truck repair or maintenance.